Another key ingredient for any successful brand is in its ability to be flexible – basically a flexibility for it to be reproduced in different shapes and sizes – therefore maximising its appearance whether appearing online or offline.
In order that you can consider the strengths or otherwise of your brand, we have drawn up a list of five simple question, the answers to which should help you reach a conclusion:

  1. Has your business recently expanded or changed ownerships?
    A logo redesign may be the perfect opportunity to inform your customers of the change and shift in company ethos. You may have taken over a business so would like a complete rebrand or even merged with another business, so require a logo that reflects both businesses.
  2. Always be one step ahead of the competition
    You may want to stay ahead of the game, so a new logo that is visually more appealing may help communicate better to your target audience. By choosing the right design, colour and font can help you to be more exclusive, attracting a wider audience.
  3. Do you want to connect with or target a new audience or introduce a new product/service?
    You may have an established customer base, but in changing times may want to target a different age group or sector or industry. A logo redesign may help you to connect easier, bringing you more business.
  4. Make your company more memorable and distinguished
    If your customers remember who you are, they will be more likely to return. You may need a logo that stands out or sticks in the minds of your target audience, so you are the first name that comes to mind.
  5. Is your logo dated?
    It might be the most obvious question, but worth asking. Was your logo created many decades ago? It may be time to give your company a modern look and feel.
    It may not be be compatible with devices such as mobiles and tablets. You may want to change to a new colour or create a simpler version of your current logo to bring you into the future.

If you are still unsure, why not contact Three Sixty Media for a free consultation, or better still pop in for coffee and a chat, and let’s explore together the possibilities for your brand and corporate image.

And remember, the most successful brands didn’t start off as household names, they evolved over time into what you see below:
Logos befire and after.jpg

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